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Breaking Down the Barriers
to Mental Health Counselling

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* Since September 2019

Our Goal: Mental Health Care for All

​As mental health professionals, we strive to reduce the barriers and stigma associated with mental health care.  We are proud to offer a variety of services at our clinic to ensure we reach each person in need in an attempt to break down financial and other barriers to getting help.


In Sept 2019 we launched our free walk-in counselling clinic. With a sandwich board sign and 10,000 cards with clinic info. We were begging people to trust in us and allow us to offer this service to meet a growing need.

Not a single person showed up the first week!

Fast forward to now - we have helped over 750 people and counting! The Free Friday Therapy program continues to grow.

We launched our Low-Cost Counselling program around the same time - our skilled and educated Counselling Interns provide low-cost counselling for those who don't have insurance or who have financial barriers to getting mental health therapy.

Thanks to our team for providing these services, our community for spreading the word and the handful of local businesses who generously help support these programs. (Here's how YOU can help!)

We are proud to have been able to reduce barriers to mental health support in our community and look forward to continuing to provide this service and more for years to come.

- Laura

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Where it all began!

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