Responding to First Responders

Next Group: January 30th 2019 2:30-4:00pm for 8 weeks

Cost: $400 for 8 week program

(May be covered by VAC, RCMP, your union or employer, inquire for details)


This is a group for all first responders, dispatchers, military members, medical professionals, and correctional officers who have a desire to heal from the effects of trauma and thrive in their professions. The goal is to receive support and understanding, gain mental tools to cope & build resilience against traumatic experiences in the workplace.


The group is inclusive and doesn’t require a diagnosis to attend.

The group will address topics that have been found to lead to improved recovery and greater resiliency against PTSD

  • It will provide peer support, improved self awareness and a strong sense of community. Members report feeling a sense of belonging and making strong emotional connections. The group reinforces feelings of hope and a sense of control in your life/work and reduces feelings of hypervigilance, shame and isolation.

  • Opportunity for INFORMAL debriefing to foster recovery through group dialogue.

  • The group will teach more positive coping strategies: constructive stress management approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which addresses trauma based attitudes and beliefs, as well as treats trauma symptoms after the fact. Stress management and anger reduction techniques will also be discussed.

This will be a safe place for people to be with others who can truly understand their experiences, a place where they can be honest, feel no judgement and feel like they are not alone. 


Please call to reserve your place or discuss if this group may be something that could benefit you. 651-1239 or 977-3146

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