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Offering virtual or in person sessions - Call (506) 651-1239

***IMPORTANT*** If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid 19, we would encourage you to shift your appointment to virtual to avoid a last minute cancellation.


A safe place to be understood and find the answers you have been seeking
We are a clinical therapy practice offering confidential mental health counselling to people of all ages in Saint John
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Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services Inc.

Our Approach

Experience a real & relaxed approach to narrow the gap between you and your therapist. Laura Gatien & Associates is centered on 4 Core Values...

Warmth: We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable, at ease and ensuring you feel understood.

Dedication: We go above and beyond to meet your needs. If we can't help you, we will connect you with someone else who may be able to. 

Vulnerability: We model openness, honesty and genuineness in our approach as therapists. Connection is our priority.

Equality: We treat our clients as equals and work daily to reduce the stigma for mental health challenges and spread the message that everyone struggles at times.

A Message from Laura...

When I opened Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services, my mental health practice, I was scared and surprised that people would actually pay me to talk to them (having come from years in government, this was a huge change), but I was determined to reduce stigma and increase access to mental health therapy. 


I continually push for change in the culture and perception around mental health by demystifying mental health treatment and filling gaps in the system.  Mental health is a continuum that requires support at times, just like any other health issue. I want to make going to a therapist as normal as going to a dentist - so that the doors are wide open for everyone to get the help they need to reduce mental suffering and maintain wellness in their life. This makes for healthier families and a better society overall.


Our Approach

Mental health and physical health are deeply connected. Those living with mental health challenges are at higher risk of experiencing many chronic physical conditions. Conversely, those living with chronic physical health conditions are more likely to experience poor mental health. Taking care of your mental health is a key part of taking care of your overall physical health and wellness. The link between body and mind is powerful.

No one should have to work though their challenges alone. We are here to listen and provide support to help you navigate life's difficulties.

Getting started is easy, simply call and schedule your appointment. No referral necessary.

Contact Us

Please contact for a free no obligation 15 minute phone consultation if you have any questions about how therapy can work for you and how we can work together. All voicemail messages are confidential.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to learn more about resources, local workshops and practical strategies for improved mental health and stress management. 

For additional information please see my Psychology Today profile: 

Psychology Today Laura Gatien

Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services

66 Waterloo Street, Suite 230

Saint John, NB

E2L 3P4


Tel: 506-651-1239

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