Book a Session or Drop-In

for our FREE Counselling

Clinic - EVERY Friday 

No Appointment or

Referral Necessary.

Everyone Welcome.


Starting in 2022...

Every Friday from 1pm to 4pm.

Choose a FREE 30 minute one-on-one In-Person or Phone Session.

Call us anytime at (506) 651-1239 to book a Friday session OR simply drop-in between 1-4pm on Friday.


NEW for 2022


NOW Every Friday from

1pm to 4pm


Our free drop-in / call-in program provides the following:

  • Single session, short-term counselling

  • Crisis intervention (if needed)

  • Connection to other resources available in our community

  • Help for people to get a plan to support their mental health and support for prioritizing needs and setting goals

Why do we offer FREE Therapy sessions every

Friday afternoon?

One of our main goals is to remove barriers for people who want to access mental health services. People need to know they are not alone, that everyone struggles at some point in their lives.


We are  committed to improving our community and breaking down mental health stigmas - it's what drives us to do what we do every single day.

We want to break down financial barriers to mental health therapy too. That's why we have our low-cost therapy program and our Free Friday program, for those who have no insurance or lack the means to cover the cost of therapy.

You can now CALL anytime to BOOK your 30 minute Free Friday session (506) 651-1239

Free Friday FAQs

FAQ #1: How Much Is It, Really?

Seriously, it is absolutely and 100% completely free of charge. One of our main goals as a practice is to remove barriers for people who want to access mental health services. Our Free Fridays are meant to be an opportunity for anyone (we mean it: anyone) to try out a 30-minute counselling session. Everyone deserves this chance to see what a non-judgmental and accepting environment can do for your mental health concerns. Join us this week and make that first step.

FAQ #2: How Does The Program Work?

Our Free Friday sessions are conducted in person or by phone, your choice. Call us to book a time slot at (506) 651-1239 or drop in to our office at 307 Westmorland Drive on Fridays between 1-4. We offer these free one-on-one appointments EVERY FRIDAY.

FAQ #3: What Will My Session Look Like?

After you book your appointment or drop-in on Fridays from 1pm-4pm, your therapist will call you directly or see you one-on-one and guide you through your free 30-minute session. They may help you define some short-term goals to improve your mental health, help with crisis intervention, connect you with more community resources to get you started on your path to mental wellness or just listen - or some combination of these things. Even if you already plan on booking a counselling appointment, this is the perfect starting point to get an idea of what to expect. (506) 651-1239

Contact our Admin Team at

(506) 651-1239

if you have any questions,

& check out our FAQs below!