Call - In Counselling

Our free drop-in program is held every Friday from 2pm – 4pm and provides the following:

  • Single session, short-term counselling

  • Crisis intervention (if needed)

  • Connection to other resources available in our community

  • Help for people to get a plan to support their mental health and support for prioritizing needs and setting goals.

No appointment is necessary and sessions are first call first serve. Sessions are typically 20-30 minutes.

Contact our Admin Team at 506-651-1239 if you have any questions, and check out our FAQs below!

Due to Covid-19, our free drop in  program is VIRTUAL ONLY for the foreseeable future

Free Friday FAQs

FAQ #1: How Much Is It, Really?

Seriously, it is absolutely and 100% completely free of charge. One of our main goals as a practice is to remove barriers for people who want to access mental health services. Our Free Fridays are meant to be an opportunity for anyone (we mean it: anyone) to try out a 30-minute counselling session. Everyone deserves this chance to see what a non-judgmental and accepting environment can do for your mental health concerns. Join us this week and make that first step.

FAQ #2: How Does The Program Work?

Our Free Friday sessions are conducted by phone only, due to Covid-19, for the foreseeable future. We are not having in person sessions. You can still access our counsellors and have a great talk with them, by phoning at (506) 651-1239 (leave your name and number) between 2pm and 4pm every single Friday.

FAQ #3: What Will My Session Look Like?

After you leave your name and number for a phone call, on Fridays from 2pm-4pm, your therapist will call you directly and guide you through your free 30-minute session. They may help you define some short-term goals to improve your mental health, help with crisis intervention, connect you with more community resources to get you started on your path to mental wellness or just listen - or some combination of these things. Even if you already plan on booking a counselling appointment, this is the perfect starting point to get an idea of what to expect. (506) 651-1239