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First Responder Peer-to-Peer Drop-in Group

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But just in case you change your mind...

Join Dave Grady at the First Responder Peer-to-Peer Drop-in Group...

Every Wednesday night

6:00pm - 8:00pm

307 Westmorland Road, Saint John

This is not a counselling group. It's an informal place to be with other people who have similar problems.


There is no commitment, no pre-registration, and no fee.

There is no therapy component, it's simply peer-to-peer support.

For any questions please call:

Dave Grady

506 898-2723

or just come.

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This group is appropriate for current or former:

  • Police

  • Fire (including volunteer)

  • Paramedic

  • Military

  • Front-line healthcare workers

  • Front-line social workers

  • 911 Dispatchers

  • Correctional officers

If you are a veteran, active member of CAF, fire, police, paramedic, corrections officer or a health care provider, this is for you!


This is an amazing group of amazing humans that support each other through hard times. If you feel worried, anxious or that you would like to go with someone PM me, I’ll be attending!

- Patrick Gordon

(First Responder Peer-to-Peer Group Attendee)

Encouragement from Patrick...

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