How YOU Can Help!


Did you know that you - or your organization - can partner with Laura Gatien and Associates to help provide mental health therapy to those without insurance or who have financial barriers to therapy. 


Make a one-time donation or provide ongoing funding to subsidize mental health therapy sessions for people with mental health needs, including children under 10.

Due to increased demand in our community, we have recently expanded our

Free Therapy Friday drop-in to serve more people.


The generosity of our community partners helps cover the costs associated with:

  • all of our free and low-cost (subsidized) therapy programs

  • mental health workshops & presentations

  • First Responder campaigns


There are growing mental health needs in our community and

we will continue to try to meet those needs.

Interested? or know someone who is?

Reach out to me

I'd love to talk to you about it.  




Call me (506) 651-1239

or email me:

We are so grateful for our Partners & Donors
Your continued support helps us further our mission to reduce mental suffering
and normalize the experience of going to therapy!

A few ideas to help improve
Mental Health in your community

  • Donate one time or set up on-going funding

  • Host an event with proceeds going to subsidize mental health therapy

  • Purchase There is No US & THEM Branded shirts and items - Wear your Support!  Read more...

  • In memory donations to Laura Gatien & Associates ~ in support of Free Friday therapy program & subsidized therapy

  • Have an ongoing program where a percentage of proceeds supports mental health therapy

What our Partners are up to...

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