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Meet Ashley Trenholm (She/Her)

Meet Ashley T.

Ashley Trenholm uses a blended approach of CBT, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused Therapy and Positive Psychology. Through her experience she has built the tools and knowledge to support you in breaking down barriers and becoming more mindful of self-limiting beliefs that may be keeping you from accomplishing your goals and living a life in true alignment with what you value most.

Ashley has worked with youth and adults to support them with anxiety, depression, addiction, low self-esteem, grief, career guidance and everyday life challenges. Ashley offers a judgement free, safe and supportive environment to set and accomplish goals for therapy and be your most authentic self. 

Ashley has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from UNB Saint John as well as a Master of Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University. Ashley is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association and a Licensed Counselling Therapist (LCT) with the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick.

Clinical Therapist BA, MA, LCT

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth."


My Approach

My approach is one of connection, collaboration and fostering confidence in you that you are capable of healing and achieving your goals.


Being vulnerable and stepping into the uncomfortable is where we can truly begin to heal, discover our strengths and make lasting and impactful positive change in our lives. 


"We may be weeks, months, or years from completing our goals, but we can live by our values every step of the way and find ongoing fulfilment in doing so" - Russ Harris 




  • Youth and adults 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction

  • Low self-esteem

  • Grief and loss

  • Career/education guidance 

  • Workplace issues  

  • Burnout 


Please reach out if you have any questions or to discuss your goals of counselling.


Individual Therapy Session

50 mins |  $135 
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