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Meet Tara (She/Her)



Tara O’Toole is passionate about helping others find what fills their heart. She understands life can get difficult, so she appreciates having multiple tools in her box. She knows what will work for her will not work for everyone, but she is eager to help others explore their coping methods.

She has experience working in the mental health and addiction field. Her roots were established at P.E.E.R. Saint John (Peers Engaged in Education and Recovery), which is a peer support center for youth (ages 16-25) working on mental wellness and addiction issues.

She worked as Peer Support Specialist. Her niche was implementing and facilitating programs, demonstrating and mentoring healthy living, and assisting the members in achieving their goals. She took a soft approach in engaging the youth and providing hope through lived and shared experiences. She enjoyed connecting them to proper community resources to reintegrate back into our communities.


She is also a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. She appreciates the mind, body, and spirit connection and uses it to create balance in her life. Tara spent 2 years at the University of New Brunswick (Saint John) studying sociology.


She currently is completing her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) through Dalhousie University, with an undergraduate degree in Disability Management.

"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth."



My Approach

I am entering this profession with a non-judgemental and anti-oppression lens. I believe we cannot control the waves but we can learn how to surf.


My lived experience has guided me to this path, creating a desire to help others in need.  I operate with kindness and compassion because I know even a gentle smile can influence someone’s day in a positive way.

I enjoy working with youth and older adults. I'm extremely interested in mental health and addictions. Specifically, how it relates to poverty and homelessness.  I believe my experiential and professional knowledge will put me in a position to make a difference in the community I serve.




  • Youth

  • Older adults

  • Addictions

  • Poverty & Homelessness


Please reach out if you have any questions or to discuss your goals of counselling.


Individual Therapy Session

1 hr  |  $40
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