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Mother's Day Blues

First, we want to wish all Moms a Happy Mother's Day. But more importantly, we want to acknowledge that there are many Moms that are experiencing "Mom guilt", who feel they are abandoning themselves for the sake of their children. It seems that the more we do for ourselves, as Moms, the more negatively we’re judged (by ourselves and others). So we push ourselves to the limit, feel burnt out and we aren't very happy people to be around. I wrote a couple of blog posts to help Moms navigate guilt and the expectations around motherhood. Motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had. Would you like to stop justifying the struggle, live for the good moments and hold on through the bad, trusting yourself through this journey? Get a few tips from these posts...

Moms Have Been Sold a Lie

You Are More Than Your Mom Guilt

~ Laura, Clinical Therapist

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