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We don't fix "crazy" - 2 years of destigmatizing mental health support

We are celebrating 2 years in business this week! When I reflect on the last 2 years and how far the business has come, I am most proud of our ability to fight stigma and attract people to the clinic who have never sought therapy before.

People who previously denied their feelings or struggles and didn’t feel it was ok to not be ok. People who thought mental health didn’t affect them, that therapists were for OTHER people, “crazy” people. We have an incredible amount of people from all walks of life who are accessing therapy for the first time and understanding that their life can be changed by nurturing their mental health, by talking about difficult things and openly facing their struggles with vulnerability and courage.

We are changing the culture around mental health and asking for help. Overall attitudes are changing around mental illness, I see it and feel it every day.

These are simply long perpetuated assumptions and they discourage people who may be struggling to seek help. Their condition may make them feel ashamed, weak, and alone, which of course only compounds their mental health struggle and it becomes a cycle of shame and feeling isolated.

At my office, we are moving past this medical model that perpetuates stigma for mental health therapy.

We help change harmful thinking and behavior patterns that accompany many illnesses, but we also make already good lives better. Mental health affects everyone and our clinic sees people just like you and I who have bad days and need support. 

Sometimes it's just that outside perspective to challenge your thinking so you can continue to cope well and show up as your best selves when life happens. Divorces, deaths, suicides, addiction, depression, anxiety....these life challenges are a reality in many people’s lives and its necessary to seek help when you need it. Just like you would for a physical health issue.

I am SO thankful for the immense support I have received from so many people throughout the past 2 years. This is a community wide approach and I couldn’t do it alone.

Thank YOU

~ Laura

We're here if you want to talk :)

Take the first step and call us for an appointment ...(506) 651-1239

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