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We're here for you

We're hearing many heartbreaking stories from a variety of medical professionals and other essential workers who are on the front lines and struggling with so much stress and uncertainty.

You are the ones showing up every day to keep things running for everyone else and it doesn't go unnoticed. Know that your emotional response is normal in these very abnormal circumstances. Our hearts go out to you and we want to help.  We're hearing that:

  • Some of you are not able to see your children, some of you have moved out of your homes, or moved your children out, to protect your families

  • Many of you fear not being able to keep your family safe

  • Many are feeling financial implications

  • You're tired and scared and probably haven't hugged or kissed your kids 

  • There is an awareness that even without symptoms, you may be infected

  • You are watching people die alone, seeing families saying goodbye to loved ones via face-time

  • You see the sadness and stress within the public every day

We want you to know that we offer completely free counselling over the phone or Zoom EVERY Friday, regardless of holidays. You can call and speak to a therapist, no questions asked. We can offer short term strategies and support to help you go into your next shift. We've also made a commitment to provide you with an appointment within 24 hours in our regular counselling program.  One patient, one customer, one shift at a time is how you will get through this. Take care of yourselves the best way you know how. More than ever we need to come together and lean on one another to get through this. ~ Laura

We're here if you want to talk :)

Take the first step and call us for an appointment ...(506) 651-1239

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