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What's YOUR focus at this time of year?

My focus: Growth & Renewal Many of us strive for this at some point in our lives (and some of us more regularly) - we vow to make changes in our health, our relationships, our jobs and our life as a whole. What we don’t realize is that the path to renewal may not be the straight line we thought it was. Not only is it non-linear, there’s no quick fix either.

This journey requires making a plan, trying something, then trying again, then trying something else, then taking a break. But most important - don’t give up.

One step forward and two steps back. Sometimes after you have made choices you aren't proud of or you have made a judgement error, you may not trust yourself fully. This is how things will improve - you learn to trust yourself by trusting yourself. It’s a skill that you need to practice.

Growth and healing is done in the small moments, in those little changes in behaviour, in the hard conversations with your partner, in the new boundaries you set, and when you take responsibility for something you would have normally blamed on someone else.

Growth happens when we make a different choice about how we will respond to a stressful or triggering situation. These changes lead us back to ourselves, where we can break generational cycles and live a healthier life. Intentionally.

Sometimes during this process we don’t even know where we are going or what changes we need to make but we need to trust the process. Sometimes you need to work at it a few moments at a time and then take a break, especially if it's overwhelming.

These are the baby steps towards healing. It’s when the months and years go by that we can look back and see the shift, see that we are different now. We’ve grown. We’ve healed.

Making these changes can feel more like a marathon, we cannot always sprint through them.

~ Laura

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