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Why it's important to do the hard things

Doing hard things is part of life and it gets easier the more you do them.

As a culture, we need to be more ok with not being ok. With feeling difficult feelings, not rejecting them or reminding ourselves things like “life could be worse”. Yes it could, but you can still acknowledge the hard.

We all have a story we tell ourselves about ourselves inside our head. Often these start with always and never or I can't. These are stories that we believe to be true about ourselves and our abilities. These could have come from people who told you that you couldn’t do hard things. They were wrong.

The reason we maintain these stories and reinforce them with our behavior is because we get a false reward from them. They protect us from going out of our comfort zones and digging into the messy parts of our life that we are afraid to unravel.

We are so hard on ourselves, we see ourselves differently than other people see us. Taking on challenges and doing hard things will change the way you see yourself and give yourself confidence in your life.


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