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There is No US & THEM  #WeAllStruggle

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We recently clarified our Vision and Mission here at Laura Gatien & Associates and launched an anti-stigma campaign that I want to share with you.


Our vision is that mental health care is valued, understood, accepted, and accessible to all people and our mission is to enhance the health and lives of all individuals, couples, and families through barrier-free and proactive mental health care services.


We created our mental health anti-stigma campaign, There is No US & THEM, to bring our vision and mission to life, to drive positive social impact and bring awareness to our message: #WeAllStruggle (yes, every one of us)

What does it Mean?

When you categorize people who struggle with mental illness as THEM, it feeds into the stigma and the “othering” of people with mental health difficulties. In reality, there is JUST US. Everyone’s mental health exists on a continuum. We move up and down and will be at different places on this continuum throughout our lives. We all struggle at times.


Everyone is affected by mental illness. And no one should be defined by their mental Illness.

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We're Change Makers

Together, as change makers, we will

  • Raise awareness that #WeAllStuggle

  • Move towards opening up the conversation around mental illness 

  • Remove all shame, negativity, and guilt that society has attached to mental health issues

  • Remind people that Mental health is as important as physical health

It’s a Continuum

Looking after our mental health proactively can help us shift forward on that mental health continuum or help protect us from moving back. None of us are immune to moving back on the continuum, as distress is a normal part of life and it’s as important to recognise the signs your mental health is suffering and when you may need support.


Our Goal

We hope to encourage everyone to own and embrace their mental health struggles and be okay with opening up and talking about it. We need to recognize that you can’t always tell by looking at someone that they are struggling. 


It’s important that we share our experiences and stories to help heal ourselves and others.

Let’s break mental health stigma. 

We want people to feel empowered to have great mental health and we’re helping people achieve that one counselling session, one workshop and one anti-stigma message at a time! 


We work every day to make mental health accessible and affordable. We aim to be change makers by offering Free Friday Therapy, Low Cost Therapy, Free Workshops, Intern Training, and more.


Together, we can change the mental health game and create a movement!


Mental Health is Health.


There is No US & THEM #WeAllStruggle

What can YOU do?

There's a few things you can do to help show your support and spread the word that There is No US & THEM  #WeAllStruggle..


  • Talk openly about your struggles, to normalize talking about it

  • Work on recognizing someone who is struggling and lend an ear

  • Be proactive. Seek out help before your struggles become catastrophic

  • Display/Share/Wear the message, There is No US & THEM, and get the conversation going. (all proceeds from the sale of our clothing, items, stickers, etc support our free and low-cost therapy programs) Check out our Clothing & Products!

  • Partner with us to help spread the word & Donate (once or on an ongoing basis) (as an individual or a company!) to support our Free and Low-cost Therapy programs.  Here’s how...

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