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Expert on Mental Health, Leadership & the Feminist Perspective

Laura Gatien is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker - a social worker turned mental health therapist and advocate who specializes in mental health, leadership, and the feminist perspective. Laura provides insight and practical strategies, grounded in her varied personal experiences, that help build leadership confidence and mental health wellness.

Laura continually pushes for change in the culture and perception around mental health by demystifying mental health treatment and working tirelessly to fill gaps in the system.  


She wants to make going to a therapist as normal as going to a dentist - so that the doors are wide open for everyone to get the help they need to reduce mental suffering and maintain wellness for all. Laura works every day to normalize thinking about and talking openly about mental health.


As an entrepreneur, Laura connects deeply with fellow women building teams and businesses. She challenges gender stereotypes and encourages participants to use their voices  and to lead with confidence.

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Speaking Topics & Workshops

The Mask of Masculinity - Is it your your workplace culture? At what cost? <read more>

Empowering Women to Lead <read more>
Ideal for female entry level leaders & any new business  who wants to build a team.

Mental Health Training <read more>

For: Nurse practitioners, Corporate nurses, 

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Laura in Action

What the audience is saying...

Dear Laura,

I just want you to know there was quite a positive “buzz” in the classroom after your presentation today.


I think students were very encouraged by your words of wisdom and your commitment to you professional ethics and values.


Thank you again.

Best wishes,

Marilyn Dupre - STU


 - a message from Tessa Burns