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Sex Therapy

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Do you struggle with anxiety, shame, or lack of confidence around sex or your sexuality?


No one should have to cope with feelings of sexual inadequacy, embarrassment, or shame about any part of their sexuality or gender identity.


Most people will face at least one sexual concern during their lifetime and anxiety can be connected to several sexual concerns.


As therapists, we treat the whole person. Sexuality is an important part of the human experience and a vital part of your overall health.

But for some people, their sexual beliefs and/or past experiences can lead to depression, relationship complications, loss of confidence, and many other negative impacts.


As a therapist that works with couples, I see the impact that sexual issues can have on relationship satisfaction and emotional disconnection. I strive to deepen intimacy and understanding with yourself and your partner. 


I help individuals to prioritize pleasure because it brings deeper intimacy and connection to themselves and to their relationship. I also help them to communicate with one another about their sexual 


The goal of sex therapy is to help people move past physical and emotional challenges so they can have a satisfying relationship and a pleasurable sex life - whatever that looks like for you, at your stage of life. Sex means many things. We need to talk about it - we have to have those difficult conversations so people can see just how normal they really are. 


Our work together can help you and your partner find a way to have open, honest communication and to work through any concerns or challenges that might be getting in the way of a healthy, fulfilling sex life.


I practice from a pro sex, pro pleasure approach, through a gender inclusive and trauma informed lens.


My passion for sex therapy, helping couples, is deeply connected to my main mission for our clinic - to remove the shame and stigma. To challenge the socially constructed norms placed on us. 


Here are a few common things that can be treated in sex therapy: mismatched desire, low desire, avoidance of sex, exploring sexual orientation,  relationship and sexual health in all types of relationship arrangements, erectile issues, performance anxiety, ethical non-monogamy, self-acceptance, men's & women's sexuality, sexual pain, painful intercourse, vaginismus, kink and reconnecting sexually before, during & after pregnancy.

 Sex Therapy is done with both individuals and all types of couples. All genders and sexual orientations.

~ Laura Gatien

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