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Couples Therapy


If you are having difficulties in an intimate relationship and efforts to resolve them with your partner aren’t working, couples counselling is an option worth considering. The sooner you reach out, likely the more help therapy can be. All relationships can also benefit from preventative maintenance. 


As couples therapists, we are trained to work with all types of intimate relationships & partnerships.  We start by learning about the relationship so we can help you improve things like communication, trust, intimacy, conflict, and improve your overall relationship satisfaction.


We strive to make all partners feel safe in the therapy room, without taking sides. 

Ideally, with the therapist’s help, you will find some common ground and end up in a stronger position to move forward together in your relationship. We offer both in-person and virtual couples therapy.

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We offer couples therapy using approaches from the Gottman Method and Emotion Focused Therapy.

Our Emotion-Focused Therapists

Our CouplesTherapists

Sex Therapy

Laura is working towards certification with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). This specialized training gives her the advanced skills necessary to assess and treat the sexual concerns of individuals and couples. 


Read more about Sex Therapy...

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