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Voice of the Child Assessments

& Parenting Plans


When a marriage ends and partners separate, if children are involved a new co-parenting relationship must be established. It is a misconception that this always has to be a contentious process.


If both parents are willing, they can work together to design a plan on how to move forward in a child centered way.


Children adjust more easily to changes, stress and loss when their parents can work together respectfully and develop healthy ways to communicate, plan for ways to resolve problems that may arise and minimize children’s exposure to conflict.


Parenting plans can help you do this. A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents intend to raise their children together following separation and divorce. 


It is developed collaboratively with both parents and guides the family on how to move forward.

Ashley is available to work with families currently experiencing separation to design this invaluable tool, specific to the needs of your children and your family situation.  


Parenting plans promote a positive co-parenting relationship and help to reduce conflict in families as they set clear expectations and guidelines.

Realizing this is not always possible, Ashley is available to support partners who are experiencing a high conflict divorce, or ongoing custody and access issues.


Ashley also offers Court Ordered Evaluations, including the Voice of the Child Assessments and Custody Evaluations.


If you are separating and wondering if a parenting plan may be helpful in your situation, Ashley provides a 15-minute free consultation to discuss this further.

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