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What to expect at your first appointment

Welcome to Laura Gatien & Associates located at 307 Westmorland Road!


Stop in at reception to let them know your are here and they will make sure you connect with your therapist and help you take care of any billing or payment questions.


Your therapist will then welcome you to their private office for your session.

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We will try to get a better understanding of the nature of what has led you to counselling, your experience with therapy and what yours goals of seeking therapy are. 


We will ask for your feedback on how things are going for you periodically during the sessions to ensure we are utilizing the right approach and meeting your unique needs.


You decide your needs and goals for your sessions. We facilitate a safe space to have open and honest conversation where you feel heard. 

As registered social workers and licensed counselling therapists, we are trained in mental health treatment however we are not able to make formal diagnoses or prescribe medication.  If we feel it would be beneficial for you we are able to make referrals to an appropriate provider.

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