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5 Ways to start the new year off better than last, despite the shit show pandemic

Happy New Year! I always do a bit of reflection on the year before me and consider ways to make the next year better because that is what I do. I love wellness, mental and physical, and I’m obsessed with understanding myself better and becoming a happier and healthier version of myself.

My husband on the other hand is more like this; Even if you don't have people in your life who support growth or who thinks mental health isn't a thing - you can still take action so you reap the rewards. You are allowed to do things other people don’t approve of.

Here are 5 Ways to start the new year off better than last, despite the shit show pandemic and any other challenge you're facing. It's never too late to make changes to better your life and it’s never too late to invest in YOU, your most important relationship. 1. Put the effort into social connection. Studies consistently tell us that people who have healthy social relationships are happier and healthier. Positive relationships relieve stress, loneliness and improve your health. This applies to you even if you “don’t like people”.

There is someone out there who you will like that you can a connect with, I promise. This is quality over quantity, it's an internal sense of connection you feel when you're around a person. Hating people isolates us against our will. No matter what you believe, humans are social animals, and we all need human contact. 2. Accept the reality that is right now. Develop an acceptance of not being able to control it and work hard to make the best of it. Your mindset can make or break your day, get up and get yours right. 3. Do a review of last year. What did you do well and what did you do not so well? What have you added to your life that has made you happier? If nothing, what could you add? Asking yourself questions can be very transformative. 4. Prioritize YOURSELF and decide one way to take care of yourself better than last year. This may not be exercise and less candy and chocolate. Maybe it’s the way you talk to yourself, maybe it's less work and more fun, maybe its more play with your kids. Only you know what you need. 5. Go to bed earlier. If you do nothing for yourself, think about doing this. It will help with many problems in your life. Everything feels hard when you are tired. Lack of sleep is related to everything from weight gain to heart attacks. Forcing yourself to bed earlier would bring more benefits than you probably even realize.

~ Laura

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