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Be Present. Practice staying grounded and in the moment

Be intentional about practicing presence. Wake up on these special days this season and remind yourself (as Kelly my office manager says) “It's going to be a great day!” Remind yourself you will be grateful for the gifts you get. Check your attitude and no matter what happens with others around you, go with the flow whenever possible.

Christmas is just another day in a lot of ways and the issues you have been dealing with in your life didn’t change overnight so don’t expect that to happen today. Stay off your phone and interact with those around you. I’ve learned it's too easy to self soothe with social media or cookies when you feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day, the reason for the season was never to feel frantic, poor or anxious. Practice staying grounded and in the moment. Enjoy the day and if things don’t go as you had hoped, be compassionate with yourself and those around you and try again tomorrow. Stay more peaceful this holiday season - Do the Holidays YOUR way.

It doesn’t need to be this hard.


We want to take this opportunity to everyone reading to thank you for making your mental health a priority this year. By signing up for our weekly emails or booking an appointment at our clinic, you have prioritized your mental wellness, which not only helps you but also those around you. This is a loving reminder that you do not have to hit a wall before reaching out for help. It's never too early to talk to someone; we can change the conversation around mental health and make it AS important as physical health.

You absolutely do not have to suffer through anything alone, we all struggle at times and we can lend a hand through the hard stuff as that neutral guide. I sincerely hope you have many meaningful moments with people you love in whatever way you choose to spend the holidays this season. Laura & the Team

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