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Set boundaries with family

Listen to what YOU want instead of attending to external expectations. Christmas can feel like a huge work project. Many of our clients tell us they feel there are so many people to please.

It does not feel relaxing at feels more like a lot of stress and worry about others' opinions.

Many people try hard to please their family as their loved one’s happiness is often at the top of their values list, but you can still set boundaries with them to protect your mental health. Here’s how to begin: 1. Know what you want and don’t want, know what impacts you and doesn’t 2. Communicate this 3. Stay within these boundaries - stay home, leave early, say no, etc. 4. Ask for support from others to stay accountable If you told your child they weren’t getting the latest iPhone, don’t let the sale on Dec 20th suck you in. You don’t need to make up for anything as a parent this year and a gift won’t be sending the right message always. If you swore you would not go to another gathering where a certain family member would be then don’t go. Don’t let Aunt Cathy guilt you into it.

Your mental health and well-being should be your priority. You will never regret maintaining good boundaries that protect your inner peace. Stay more peaceful this holiday season - Do the Holidays YOUR way. If you are feeling anxious and want someone to talk to, call us (506) 651-1239.

When you talk to one of our therapists you get the benefits of a professional with the comfort of a friend.

- Laura

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