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Practice gratefulness & contentment

We often talk about making time for yourself and the holidays are no exception!

Amidst the chaos this year take some time for yourself to try some activities that produce good brain chemical inducing hormones. When you are overwhelmed it's hard to feel grateful or content.

I have had a few Christmases where it just felt like so much work and not worth what felt like an extreme effort.

If you too find yourself feeling that, think about what you could drop so that the good stuff still feels enjoyable.Feeling that stress was my cue to look for something to take off my plate so I could relax and feel some contentment.

‘Take some time to just sit and enjoy your décor, watch movies, try a new recipe, visit someone you have lost touch with. Make a list of the all the most exciting Christmas season events coming up and what you are grateful for.

Ultimately the Christmas season is about celebration not experiencing everything in excess. When we use the holidays as an excuse to overspend, over indulge, we pay for it later.

Christmas is about being in the same room as someone you have vastly different views on, its about giving to others, it’s about being grateful for the positives over the year, its about catching up with people you haven’t seen in a while and having rich conversations. Be intentional about how you spend your time and take a few moments to be grateful. The more you do this the less impacted you will feel over the negative things that will inevitably go on around us. Stay more peaceful this holiday season - Do the Holidays YOUR way. If you are feeling anxious and want someone to talk to, call us (506) 651-1239.

When you talk to one of our therapists you get the benefits of a professional with the comfort of a friend.

- Laura

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