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Know your personal values and ensure your holiday season reflects those

What do the holidays mean to you? How can you honour your values this holiday season?

Values are what your true self deem to be important, they are desires that guide us and lead us through life.

Do you love baking, shopping, Christmas parties, food, alcohol? I would encourage you to discover what’s MOST important to YOU, not to other people and ensure your festivities reflect that.

Try to remove some of that pressure you put on yourself to be everything to everyone this holiday season (and frankly all year round).

Question if you need to host that party or buy that certain gift if it isn’t something that lines up with your personal values. Be aware of “have to’s” or “shoulds” you may be putting on yourself.

I personally love to support local small businesses. Giving gifts from craft markets and local shops fits with my values. And I like to bring my kids to the store to choose a toy for the toy drive. I want them to have an idea of their privilege.

Spend some time over the next week thinking about how you want to remember the holidays - what do you want to stand out when you think back on them?

How can you design this scenario within your family unit and who is available to you this year?

Stay more peaceful this holiday season - Do the Holidays YOUR way.

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