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What's under YOUR mask?

Do you use humour, aggression or other “masks” to get through life?

To avoid pain, discomfort and to fit in with others, people often wear a mask. Sometimes the masks we wear change. Sometimes we don't even know we are doing this.

These masks are commonly known as money or material items, how little emotion one can show, the number of sexual conquests, athleticism abilities, level of education and many more. They are a form of self protection.

People wear masks to protect themselves from feeling their emotions and from potential hurt and rejection from others. It is a way to compensate for insecurities. In the process though, they often lose touch with who they really are.

Take off your dang mask!

When you do this you will find a life much more fulfilling with stronger relationships, better self esteem and a better sense of self. Everyone has insecurities, you don’t have to pretend you don’t have them. People who care about you really want to see the real you, you don’t need to put on a face. Many people fear that removing their mask makes them less powerful, desirable, likeable. Not true, to the people who really matter in the long run.

Many of us have been wearing our masks for so long that it feels really scary to brave the world as you truly are. It means we have to forgive and accept ourselves first which is no easy task.

I encourage you to practice discovering your true self and owning what you find. You are lovable as you are, even if you received messaging that you weren’t. Some of the messaging and beliefs we hold are faulty, and deeply ingrained in us by society. We don’t even know when or where we learned these things. But they affect us for life.

Be in a relationship with yourself first.

This is a lesson many older people wish they knew when they were younger. Your value has to first come from within, it can’t be found outside yourself in anyone or anything else. Give others a chance to know and love the real you, exactly as you are.

~ Laura

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