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Your guide to understanding your emotions

Do you understand what triggers you emotionally? Triggers can be any negative association you have with an event, place, person or experience. They can be conscious or unconscious.

Triggers happen both inside and outside ourselves and understanding them is connecting to understanding ourselves.

Triggers can happen in your body and /or your mind. They help us see old wounds that need attention.

Triggers can show up in the body and cause you to feel anxiety, have stomach pain, or make your heart beat fast. When triggers show up in your mind, they can make you feel left out,

powerless, judged, and blamed. Being conscious of these triggers

and taking steps to regain your safety is needed for healing.

Here’s what I wish I understood about triggers:

  • They are a survival response. Your body is trying to keep you safe. If you are human you will feel triggered.

  • We all have a window of tolerance to cope with the stress and emotions in our day. When you have reached your limit you feel completely overwhelmed, acting irrational with intense emotion.

  • Understanding triggers help us make better decisions on how to respond. Ask yourself what you need in that moment? Take a walk, a time out, call a friend, or journal.

  • Understand the story you are telling yourself about the trigger and see where you can spot some of your unmet needs.

  • Take a deep breath and remind yourself there is a very good reason why you are reacting the way you are and you will figure it out.

~ Laura

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