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What Sets Us Apart

A Mesage from Laura

A Message from Laura...

When I opened Laura Gatien & Associates Counselling Services, my mental health practice, I was scared and surprised that people would actually pay me to talk to them (having come from years in government, this was a huge change), but I was determined to reduce stigma and increase access to mental health therapy. 


I continually push for change in the culture and perception around mental health by demystifying mental health treatment and filling gaps in the system.  Mental health is a continuum that requires support at times, just like any other health issue. I want to make going to a therapist as normal as going to a dentist - so that the doors are wide open for everyone to get the help they need to reduce mental suffering and maintain wellness in their life. This makes for healthier families and a better society overall.

Fast forward just a couple of years since we opened our doors - people DO want to talk to me (and my team of 10 clinicians) - and we have new clients reaching out every single day. 


Our clinic is different. We treat mental health differently - we want to make going to therapy a norm for everyone. Our clinic exists to demystify mental health and its treatment and remove the barriers to accessing good care. Mental health care and physical health care need to be equal. In fact, our brain controls our body and there is no health without mental health


Our team of therapists are real people with real problems - we live by our values every day - vulnerability, warmth, dedication and equality. And we work very hard to make a difference by offering help where it’s so desperately needed and being present where our feet are. We work every day to normalize thinking about and talking openly about mental health. When you talk to one of our therapists you get all the benefits of a professional with the comfort of a friend.


Since the onset of the Covid-19 virus, everyone has had the opportunity to experience what life with anxiety is like. More people are openly talking about their experiences with mental health care - from celebrities to regular folks. It’s so encouraging to see this change in culture. We all struggle at times.


We are all registered social workers with many combined years of experience in the mental health field. We offer multiple programs at many cost levels - we don't turn anyone away. We are breaking down barriers to Mental Health care every day!


Our services include therapy for individuals, couples and first responders, corporate educational workshops, therapy groups, parenting plans & separation agreements. 


We  continually strive to be better than yesterday, and always welcome feedback.


If you have been thinking about talking to someone one, reach out today.


We are real so you can be too.




 Our Approach 

Experience a real & relaxed approach to narrow the gap between you and your therapist. 

Laura & her associates follow 4 core values...


We pride ourselves on making you feel comfortable, at ease and ensuring you feel understood.


We go above and beyond to meet your needs. If we can't help you, we will connect you with someone else who may be able to. 


We model openness, honesty and genuineness in our approach as therapists. Connection is our priority.


We treat our clients as equals and work daily to reduce the stigma for mental health challenges and spread the message that everyone struggles at times.

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