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Would you like to feel more confident? This is a common feeling my clients tell me they want more of in their life. Less anxiety, more certainty and more confidence going into their day.

Anytime my clients tell me they want something I ask them to describe what that would look and feel like. How that would change their day to day life....think about that for a moment.So here is what it looks like for me. I feel confident when…

I deliberately push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m scared shitless in the moment, but I never regret it. I pretty much do this every week in some way; last week’s challenge was doing an interview on CTV news. I felt instant anxiety but every time I do something that I’m afraid of, and it and it goes well, it proves to me that I can do hard things and I push through my self-limiting beliefs. It also builds my self esteem because I did something I didn't think I could do.

When it doesn’t go well, I learn from it and do it better next time. I believe you never truly fail unless you give up. Remember that try and fail mentality I keep talking about. Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

Learn what your self limiting beliefs are...what are the things you tell yourself that make you feel not confident? Is there any truth to them or did you make them up?

Remember that you can’t rely on your memory to tell you the truth about your beliefs about yourself. Your brain has a confirmation bias so if you focus on one of your negative traits your brain will find ways to confirm these as true. Shift this to speak positively to yourself, use those positive self-affirmations and remind yourself of them daily. Your brain will get on board with believing them when you slowly re-wire it to think more confident and positive thoughts about yourself.

You are a valuable and worthy person just because you woke up today. You are enough as you are right now in this very moment.

The other big strategy I use to boost confidence is to think about my worst fear and imagine how I would handle it. I breathe and remind myself nothing can hurt me, I am in control of my thoughts and my response to everything in my life. 

My team and I are here for you if you would like to learn skills to feel more confident and assertive going through your life. ~ Laura

We're here if you want to talk :)

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