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What is Squirting? Is it Normal?

I get asked a lot about squirting, if it’s a real thing or just something that happens in porn.

Let me start by telling you what squirting isn’ doesn’t necessarily happen with orgasm, it can actually happen independently, but squirting and orgasm often go hand-in-hand due to stimulation. However, you can squirt with orgasm, without orgasm, after orgasm, you get the gist.

Yes, squirting is real and it's often embellished in porn. Squirting is when liquid releases from the urethra of a person with a vagina, when they are sexually aroused. You can experience a lot of liquid ejected quickly, or a small amount that slips out slowly - it varies from sexual experience to experience. There is still ongoing research about female squirting and it remains a topic of debate and controversy in the scientific community. The "squirt" contains a mixture of fluids that come from the skene's glands, which are located near the urethra. The exact science behind squirting is not fully understood, but it is believed to occur when these prostate-like glands fill with fluid during sexual stimulation and then release. G-spot stimulation has been proven to make it more likely, especially when combined with clitoral stimulation. It's important to note that not all women experience squirting, and it's not an indicator of sexual pleasure or satisfaction. Some women may feel embarrassed or ashamed about squirting, but it's a natural and normal bodily function. As with most sexual activities, its important to relax, try to be present and not put pressure on your body or your partner's body to perform in any way. If you are interested in better understanding of squirting or anything related to your sex life, it may be helpful to talk to your healthcare provider or a sex therapist. They can provide you with accurate information and help you explore your own sexual preferences and desires, in a safe and non-judgmental way! - Laura PS: Thank you for all your great questions! Got a sex question to ask me? You can ask anonymously right here. I’ll answer as many as I can in my upcoming emails.

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