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A Guide to Mastering Your Anger

Anger is a strong and healthy emotion we all feel at times. However, it is quite powerful and can influence the way we think and then act.

Sometimes we feel angry because do not want to feel the real feelings of pain that lurk below it.

Like anxiety, anger serves to protect us from danger and injustice. It can also cause significant problems in our lives at work and at home when it is not properly processed or expressed. It can make us feel like the anger is in control, not ourselves.

Some people have told me they believe that it earns them respect, but often this is not the case. If you cannot control yourself or handle it when someone doesn’t go along with the way you see things, they may actually be afraid of you but not actually respect you.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies that I use with my clients to help them manage their anger:

Emotions come and go but you have to live with, and pay for, the consequences long term. If you need help to gain control over your anger and learn healthy ways to express your emotions without hurting anyone, reach out to one of our therapists.

~ Laura

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