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Change your breathing, change your mood

We can’t tell ourselves or others to just calm down and expect it to actually work. We have to calm our nervous system, which is what influences our body’s ability to relax and calm down.

Do you view basic techniques like breathing and moving your body as too simple to make much of a difference in your life?

I hope to change your mind! Both require making a conscious decision to calm your mind, even when you don’t feel like doing so, because you know it will help you feel better. This is one of the very best ways to lower stress.

It also takes practice.

A little known secret: Your Breath is Your Brain’s Remote Control - Mindful

Our in-breath is like a remote control for our brains, directly affecting electrical signals that communicate with memory and emotional processing centers.

There are many different breathing exercises to practice, but the basic strategy is to take a full deep breath in through your nose (count for 4 seconds), fill your lungs with air (count to 7) and slowly let it all out (count to 8). You can do each of these steps for a count of 4-7-8 seconds a few times over and over.

Instant relaxation.

Change your breathing, change your mood.

~ Laura

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