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I was recently asked to speak about resilience. As I was gathering my thoughts and reviewing material, it struck me that our struggles are only a season.

We are never really stuck. It is when people stay stuck in their feelings of stress, overwhelm and discouragement that the most damage is done.

As a therapist, I believe that all people possess amazing capacity for resiliency, which is our ability to manage and overcome what life throws at us (even the ugly things). It can be incredibly difficult and painful and may require a lot of tools and support, but it can be done.

Being resilient is not avoiding or ignoring life’s challenges. It is not having a perfect, calm or stress-free life. It is accepting that life is challenging and searching for the strength and solutions within ourselves to ride out those difficult waves. You are capable of healing, growth, and personal adaptation.

Some of the most painful and difficult moments of my life have taught me the most about my own strength and resiliency. It has taken me on a mission to always find a way through the rough times.

In what ways are you resilient? I would encourage you to think of times you have made it through illness, grief, loss, pain or some other difficulty when you didn’t think you would.

You are stronger and more powerful than you probably give yourself credit for. If you need some support realizing that, reach out.

~ Laura

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