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Self worth can only come from within

Self worth can only come from within. Stop outsourcing your worth! Our society has taught us to do this.

Outsourcing your worth is when you base how you feel about yourself on your looks, your success, your relationships, your status and in the process you take your power away.

These external measures can be taken away with aging, weight gain, job loss, retirement etc.

The reason we are enough is because of what you can’t see on the outside. It has nothing to do with those external things.

Make no mistake, your negative thinking about yourself and your worth is so powerful. It is actually more powerful than positive thinking. It is what holds you back from the life you want. If anyone else talked to you like you do yourself, you would likely not keep talking to them.

So if you want to feel more worthy, start being more compassionate with yourself. Few people change their behavior by beating themselves up.

We ALL experience self doubt and fear.

We ALL feel like our lives are messed up at times.

Be honest about the impact of other people’s opinions of you and how they may hold you back. Get off social media if it makes you feel bad about yourself.

Your self-worth can ONLY come from within. You are more than what others think of you. You are more than your perceived failures in life. Reach outside yourself and take a new approach to changing your life.

If you are struggling with low self worth, therapy can be helpful in developing your self esteem, challenging your negative thinking and finding that self love that has been missing.

~ Laura

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