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Diet culture and self-evaluation

It’s the end of January, meaning many of you have probably tried and given up on a new diet, in an attempt to shed some unwanted pounds.

Many of us want to find a quick fix for the “damage” done during COVID and the holidays. The guilt and shame is very real. Let’s talk about diet culture and self-evaluation.

How can we reject the diet mentality and correct the damage it causes to our mental health? We know that 95% of diets do not work and keep people stuck in a cycle of feeling like a failure.

We are obsessed with the size of our bodies and the bodies around us. In our western society people are often complimented for losing weight even if they didn’t want to lose it. People ask what “diet” we are on if we appear smaller. Exercise is used as a punishment for what we have eaten.

This toxic culture is everywhere. Many of us play a comparison game. People are never happy with how they look. Sadly, many spend their entire lives wishing they looked different, wishing they took up less space in the world. What we eat and how much we move takes over our thoughts.

As a practice, we are on a journey to reject what the number on the scale says and improve our relationship with food. To show people that it is ok to love food and love your body, to love yourself.

Most of the body shapes presented in the media are not realistic nor are they a TRUE indicator of happiness (regardless of what diet culture tries to tell you).

Thinness does not equal happiness, at least not for long. You need to love yourself for WHO you are, not for the scale weight or how flat your stomach is. Love yourself despite your perceived flaws. Less than 5% of the population has a “model like body” that many of us are striving for.

Laura’s anti-diet mantras

  • Treats & celebrations are not failures

  • You can’t mess this up-don’t use your indulgence as an excuse to give up on on the goal of a healthy balance

  • So what I ate that, I am only one choice away from a new direction

  • I’m in control of my mindset, I can be a slightly better version of me today

  • See the big picture, get out of the drama of the moment. How you feel about yourself will change by tomorrow

If you need help with your mindset and making peace with food and most importantly changing how you evaluate yourself, please reach out.

~ Laura

We're here if you want to talk :)

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