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Make your own rules for your life

I hear a lot of “should” in my practice, from I shouldn’t feel this way or I know I should feel this way in this situation etc...

I always challenge this with you “should” feel however you feel and accept that. Listen to your inner knowing.

After you feel it the intensity of the emotion, it will subside. It helps lots of things in life when you stop being at war with your emotions. “Shoulds” take your power away and leave you feeling like a victim.

The reality is life is messy and human emotions are too. We are complicated creatures. Accept this complexity and lean in.

You have permission as an adult to make your own rules for your life. If you need to take short cuts and give yourself a break, do that. You know yourself and you know what you need.

When you can listen to yourself instead of attending to external expectations or fear of judgement from others you will be a lot more at peace with your life.

~ Laura

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