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Confessions of a Step-Parent

Being a step-parent is a pretty incredible role. You get to watch your step-child grow up, with a different view than their biological parents. You may not have witnessed their first steps or their first words - but you saw them hit their first home run, win their first award, star in their first play, get their first concussion, get their first girlfriend, drive a car, get their heart broken, make mistakes, make hard decisions, be a good human. You see them. You see them differently than their parents, because you are not blinded by all the raw emotion that comes from being a biological parent. You have a different perspective. You see their flaws, their goodness, their struggles, you hear what they don’t say or what they want to say. You see all of them; good, and bad and choose to love them. And will continue to choose to love them, no matter what. You get to be their middle ground. Their mediator. The one that listens differently. You go from asking, do you want to play a board game, or go to the playground. to is your girlfriend staying for supper or will there be drinking at that party? It’s a crazy ride! But it’s the coolest, most rewarding experience. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks for listening,

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