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Did you know? Men and boys are influenced by beauty ideals too.

When discussing eating disorders, disordered eating, and body dissatisfaction, there is an assumption that this is something only women experience. Although statistically women do experience these challenges more than men, it is more common than one may think.

Those identifying as men are exposed to images in sport, media, and entertainment of bodies that are lean, toned, and muscular. We see this through athletes, toy figurines, and actors.

Currently, less than 1% of research in this area is on men and boys. It's important to note that research is even more limited for those who may identify as transgender, non-binary, or another gender identity. This lack of research has led to poor assessment measures, limited knowledge amongst healthcare professionals, and subsequently a lack of treatment options for these populations.

It's important to challenge male body image ideals to break one of the biggest barriers to accessing treatment -- stigma. 1 in 7 men will experience an eating disorder by the age of 40, compared to 1 in 5 for women. Weight gain, attempts to increase muscle mass, and exercise to become lean or toned are often seen with men and boys. In fact, over 40% of boys in Canada, as young as 10, have admitted to attempting to gain muscle.

This isn't just a 'women's issue'.

If you or someone you know has been struggling with body dissatisfaction or disordered eating behaviours, help is available. Early intervention is important in the treatment of these concerns. We have therapists trained in these areas who are currently taking new clients.

Reach out today to set up an appointment!

~ Kealy, Clinical Therapist

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