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Do you have secrets?

I meet so many people who come into therapy and tell me something they have never told anyone ever before. They have been living with secrets their whole life. They have felt alone in their pain for a long time.

Is there something you have been holding onto? Have the courage to “take your mask off”. It is so important you can speak your truth to someone you trust.

In therapy, we help people to stop masking their real feelings. As therapists we can provide a second opinion on something you could be judging yourself far too harshly for.

We are often so much harder on ourselves than we need to be. This is important for both men and women, boys and girls to know.

We all have feelings and it is so important to learn to understand and express them.

When we don't have the ability to understand or manage how we feel, we act out, feel anxious or feel depressed.

All this to say, it is vitally important for your mental health to talk about your feelings, practice showing yourself and others empathy and compassion, connect with others and find a healthy way to understand and cope with how you feel.

This is the true definition of "strong". Reach out for help with this today.


We're here if you want to talk :)

Take the first step and call us for an appointment ...(506) 651-1239

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