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Fear and insecurity: How to work through it

Make a list of all your fears, big small and in between. Then stop to consider what ones are actually real or remotely likely to happen. We are often suffering for a reality that is very hypothetical.

Consider if you may be afraid of others judgement, even people really important to you. We are so deeply impacted by the social standards we grew up with that guide the way we think and behave, that we may not even realize that fear of judgement or shame holds us back from living a life that feels good to us.

Find someone you can talk to about your fears, speaking them out loud automatically helps disassemble them. Then ask yourself which of these fears could actually happen and then make a plan. A worst-case scenario. This helps people eliminate at least some of their worries and insecurities. If you don’t have a therapist or trusted loved one, you can write these down in your phone or a journal.

We cannot control the future no matter how hard we try, we also cannot control how others will view us. Often others' reactions are more about them than you, so practice letting go a little bit and stay connected to circumstance today.

We always suffer more from our imagination than our true reality

~ Laura

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