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A wise person knows there is something to be learned from everyone

Here are 5 tidbits of wisdom I have learned from people who have walked before me:

1. Get some perspective: Practice the ability to zoom out and see the big picture to get through the painful parts of life. No storm lasts forever. Being stuck in the day-to-day stresses will bring you down faster than you can imagine, it keeps you stuck on the details and further away from the big picture. Take a step back.

2. Tolerate rejection, it happens to everyone and it is not about you. Every “successful” person you know has been rejected from countless things. We're all rejected in life from romantic partners to academic programs. It's a normal part of the success process. Embrace it. “Champions aren’t made when the game is easy”. I'm not sure where I heard that, but I love it.

3. We all need emotional and physical boundaries to be successful. If you have none, you risk becoming a door mat of sorts, people will walk right over you. Some of us were raised to be people pleasers, meaning we have a harder time saying no, leading to a higher risk of burnout because we want to make others happy, so we can feel good about ourselves. So, question these people pleasing ways and how they may be holding you back or contributing to your feelings of overwhelm.

4. Don’t dilute your authenticity because others don’t like it. Being genuine is the only thing that creates connection with other humans, so you don’t want to rob yourself or others of that gift.

5. Have a teachable spirit. It’s required to grow as a person. John Maxwell says that "growth doesn’t come looking for you, you must go and find it".

Seeking out wisdom and learning from others leads to growth and happiness. Find your mentor!


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