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Stop comparing and turn inward when it comes to $$

Money and finances are deeply personal topics, most people do not talk about them openly and honestly. This topic often goes unspoken, even among friends.

Rarely are details on spending or saving discussed, rather a lot of assumptions are made about other people’s finances.

Our beliefs about money are mostly formed by the time we are 8 years old. As children we learn how to think about money, we are shown examples of how to save, spend and discuss money by the people around us and we bring these beliefs into our lives and into our relationships as adults.

If our parents frequently argued about money, we probably do not like to have financial conversations with our partners. Beliefs about money are transferred down from generation to generation. Look at the messaging and beliefs you received about money.

Consider looking at net worth vs what society deems as worth. Society values wealth, nice homes, fancy cars, and Lululemon workout wear, however if you do not really own those things because they are financed through loans and credit cards, they are not really worth, they are actually debt.

Consider what you deem to be worthy, maybe spending on experiences is more important to you than spending on things, try to quiet the noise and get honest with yourself on what your financial goals are.

Never forget, you are not alone in your money struggles. If any one of us knew how much stress and anxiety certain purchases caused people, we would not be envious of some of the things they have, and we would be more able to focus on our own financial situation and making consistent habit changes to improve it if needed.

In all areas of life its important to remember we should stop comparing and turn inward, which can be quite hard in this day and age.


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