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Self-worth. It's Intangible.

I figure that's a strong reason why it's so hard for others to believe or feel their worth.

Sometimes the saddest thing I see in my practice is the amount of people who don't see their own worth or the value they bring to this world, which has devastating impacts on their life.

Why is it so hard to see our worth when it's a nonnegotiable ingredient to live a good life, you may ask? Because up to 80% of our thoughts are negative or self-deprecating and we have learned to measure our self-worth in unhealthy ways. Many people use their appearance, their accomplishments, finances, or their career as a measuring stick for worth but this isn't helpful or healthy. We're told by social media this is a reliable measurement, but the problem is, these metrics are all external factors that can disappear quickly. Where are you left then?

The true value of self-worth is found in you and you alone. It's found through being authentic to who you are, living in line with your values and what you believe to be right or wrong.

Accept yourself with your flaws and weaknesses and believe you are lovable regardless. Celebrate your unique strengths and talents, that's what makes you unique.  

Worth is built when you quiet the noise of the external factors and live your life in line with your values and beliefs.

Repeat after me: You are worthy because you are breathing.


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