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What is mindfulness and how can it help me?

Mindfulness is a word we have been hearing a lot about, it simply means to pay attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

It is connecting with your own inner resources and training yourself to be in a place of your own choosing instead of a place of overwhelm. Many people tell me their brain never stops. Most of the time we are the opposite of mindful, we get sucked into automatic thoughts, emotions and opinions

Mindfulness is not relaxation; it is noticing our own experience of ourselves and the world which opens us up to thoughtful choices to notice options differently.

It means having a flexible mind. This frees up emotional energy to deal with our issues as they inevitably arise through life.

This is how you can practice mindfulness in real life where you choose your response to a feeling rather than feeling controlled by your emotions.

Be an observer and let the emotion pass instead of freezing it in the height of whatever you are feeling. Allow yourself to be aware of anything causing you stress and worry, name it as so and remind yourself “This is a moment of stress or suffering” and this is part of life for everyone. This feeling will pass.

If you do not feel equipped to do so, we can help. Mindfulness is a skill that comes with time and regular practice. Mindfulness teaches you to act instead of react and build self-control.

Give it a try before you really need to use it. It is another tool to add to your mental health tool kit.

~ Laura

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