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What does your therapist REALLY think about you?

As your therapist, we think our clients are incredible for coming to therapy and being open about many painful and vulnerable things in search of bettering themselves and their families and finding more fulfillment and mental peace of mind.

We deeply value intimate and meaningful conversation, the honesty and hard work brought forth in the therapy room.

We pride ourselves on being the person to gently hold up a mirror to you so you can see yourself more clearly.

This is what we are thinking...

  • I wish you could see your worth beyond any past decisions or perceived flaws, see past any diagnoses or labels you have taken on

  • I wish I could reduce your pain and suffering

  • I wish you had reached out sooner

  • You already know the answer to your question

  • I believe in your ability to grow, adapt and make the right decision for yourself and your life

  • I can relate to some of your challenges much more than you may know

Real conversation is where it’s at.

There is such joy that comes from looking for the good in people, appreciating their quirkiness and showing that unconditional positive regard. Therapy gives us perspective and a new way to look at humanity. As humans we are all much more similar than we realize.

We are thankful for every single one of our clients we've had over the years.

We have learned more about humanity, compassion and connection in the last few years than many people will have experienced in a lifetime and we can’t wait for more.


We're here if you want to talk :)

Take the first step and call us for an appointment ...(506) 651-1239

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