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Who the hell is Laura Gatien and why is she all over Facebook?

Thanks for joining my email list and actually opening this. I am on so many email lists and I rarely read them, so I get it, you are busy, and your inbox is FULL. My weekly email will be worth reading, I promise. It will make you reflect and feel better day to day.

In case you missed it thus far, my name is Laura Gatien. I am a registered social worker and over the last 10 years I have worked in various mental health fields. I grew up on the Kingston Peninsula, but have since moved to Hampton. I am married and I have 3 kids (ages 2, 5 & 7), who try their hardest to end that every day 😉

When I opened my mental health practice in 2017, I was scared and totally unsure if someone would actually pay me to talk to them. However, I was also determined to make a change in the culture around mental health.

Fast forward, I have a team of 10 clinicians and new clients reaching out every single day. I always strive to be better than yesterday, and always welcome feedback.

My clinic is different. We treat mental health differently and we want to make going to therapy a norm for everyone. We exist to demystify mental health and its treatment and remove barriers to accessing it.

We offer all sorts of services from individual and couples’ therapy to corporate educational workshops to therapy groups, parenting plans/custody agreements and a free walk-in clinic.

All 10 therapists on my team are real people with real problems, and we want everyone to know that; vulnerability, warmth, dedication and equality are values we live by every day. We work very hard to make a difference by doing what needs to be done and being present where our feet are.

It’s important to me that you guys get to know us, like us and trust us. Because we care. Because we are like talking with a friend, but with the benefits of a skilled therapist. If you have been thinking about coming to talk to someone one, give us a call 651-1239.

Talk soon,


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