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YOU ASKED...WE ANSWERED! How can I support this movement?

We've had an overwhelming response to our campaign, There is No US & THEM,with many of you wanting to get on board with our movement!

And you are asking...How can I SUPPORT IT?

It's SIMPLE! As an individual or a business, there are 3 things you choose from to make the biggest impact in the lives of people in your community who are struggling with their mental health. ALL in support of our FREE Friday & LOW COST Therapy Programs!

1. Share & Wear the Message, There is No US & THEM, and get the conversation going. (All proceeds from the sale of our branded clothing and products support our free and low-cost therapy programs.) Check out our Branded Clothing! You can choose from... (You can view samples in our waiting room & all orders are accepted online)


2. Donate one time or on an on-going basis. Here's how...

3. Raise Funds. Make Laura Gatien & Associates the recipient of your next fundraiser.

Here’s how...

Join our growing list of donors and partners as we work together to improve mental health care in our community.

Thank you for your support of this very important initiative.


Call me if you want to chat about ways you can partner with us to support our mental health anti-stigma initiative, There is No US & THEM #WeAllStrugggle (506) 651-1239

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