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Do you carry guilt?

Guilt. An emotion that results from doing something that goes against your value system.

It is a belief that you have done something wrong.

So many of us struggle with guilt. It is that little voice that is always reminding us of what we SHOULD be doing or what we SHOULD NOT have done.

Maybe you have wronged someone or made a decision you deeply regret.

Often the guilt we feel serves no purpose other than to bring us down. It can become a negative thought pattern that can result in burn out, exhaustion, sadness or resentment. It becomes emotional baggage that we carry with us day in day out. It devalues all that we ARE doing and distracts us from our true feelings and intentions.

Next time that "guilt voice" is creeping in, ask yourself what purpose is this guilt serving?

Is it productive?

What do I really want right now?

How can I forgive myself?

Are the expectations I have for myself right now fair?

Would I expect this from others or am I being unrealistic with myself?

No one thing you have or have not done makes you who you are as a person. At the end of the day, guilt cannot undo what has been done or not done.

Recognize the goodness within yourself and your humanity, and realize we all make mistakes. Focus on where you are at and where you want to go.


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