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Do you feel disconnected and lonely? Learning how to be vulnerable to create connection

Human relationships are so complex, many of us want closeness with others, especially with our partners, yet it can be very scary if you have an insecure attachment style. Sometimes we don't even realize that we feel unsafe in relationships because it can be unconscious. When we feel unsafe in relationships it can be challenging to be vulnerable, the exact ingredient to feel the closeness we seek.

Humans are very social beings yet have a desire for autonomy and safety. There exists a healthy balance between the two, where we have freedom to grow and experience the world but can trust that we have certain people who have our backs, people who get us, know us and accept and love us regardless of our flaws.

Healthy and safe relationships are a huge component of positive mental health and a very important ingredient to resilience. Often a strong support system is what gets us through some of our toughest days and times in life and can help us manage our mental health and not feel so alone. Stronger relationships that are built on emotional intimacy and vulnerability are something money can’t buy and is something material things can't bring you, these feelings of connection are built through self awareness and understanding of our needs, triggers, reactions and experiences.

Feeling close to someone requires openness, vulnerability, and a willingness to show the raw and messy parts of ourselves to another person, even if sometimes this means the other person will get triggered or feel threatened. Moments of rejection like this are opportunities to work through things in the relationship holding you back from the closeness you want.

Find someone who will do this work alongside you so you can have the relationship you have always wanted.

We help couples and individuals take emotional risks, work through their own stuff and create bonds that last. If you need the support of a therapist we can help.

~ Laura, Clinical Therapist

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