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Happy 1 year anniversary, email subscribers!

Wow, it's been a full year of writing this weekly email series! I am so thankful to every one of my subscribers and I trust you have found value in the content I write.

My goal in starting this email was to show you I was serious about showing up for mental health. I have committed to providing value to your life every single week, no matter what, straight to your inbox.

Why? Because I'm passionate about raising awareness for mental wellness and removing the shame and stigma that exists around getting help. You're so much more than what you are struggling with.

We're all human, we all struggle. Your struggles don’t define you, you are still worthy and help is available.

We have 3 programs to support people with their mental health; our traditional counselling program, our low cost program with our clinic interns for anyone without insurance and our free Friday drop in clinic. It is our goal as a clinic to remove all barriers that prevent someone from accessing help and support.

I'll continue to provide tangible information and strategies for common life challenges from relationships, anxiety, setting boundaries, improving your mood, self-esteem issues, and parenting struggles for years to come. A short weekly email for all things mental health.

Please hit reply to this email if you have any feedback or want to request a certain topic. I read each and every reply! Thank you to everyone who reads and shares anything I write.


We're here if you want to talk :)

Take the first step and call us for an appointment ...(506) 651-1239

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