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No one is Happy by Accident

A colleague and I were talking the other day about the general sense we feel that people are not enjoying their life, being caught up in struggle, technology, social media, self-hate, insecurity and the list goes on.

So many people feel bad about themselves due to constant comparison and are chasing self-worth through achievements.  

She asked me what I tell my clients to help themselves and my answers are simple.

  1. Keep working at it. Every day is not good, and every day is not bad. Commit to doing things that lead to your happiness every day. Happiness is not a destination but is a practice

  2. Be grateful. Intentionally look for things that are going well in your life that make you thankful

  3. Practice Self love & self-care. If you hate your body or yourself, you will not feel happy. Practice speaking kindly to yourself and take care of your basic needs. This looks like moving your body and eating well at least some of the time

  4. Practice Presence. Mindfulness and grounding yourself in the here and now is so important as our world tries so hard to distract us and bring us into the past or the future. Take a few deep breaths and just be still

Be consistent in your efforts to listen to your body and mind and do things that nurture them, sometimes this is as basic as sleep. No one is happy by accident.  

~ Laura 

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